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Expat Divorce Laws Podcast: Japan

British Expat Divorce in Japan

In a series of new podcasts, solicitors and barristers from Expatriate Law will interview leading family lawyers from other jurisdictions around the world. The podcasts will allow expat clients an overview of the family laws that will apply in the country in which they live.

In the second of this series, Alexandra Tribe, Managing Partner at Expatriate Law, interviews Makiko Mazuuchi, Attorney at Law from Mimoza International Law Office in Japan. Makiko specialises in international family law, in particular divorce and financial settlements with an international dimension, child custody disputes, child abduction and inheritance. Makiko is a member of the Hague Convention Working Group of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations, a member of the Family Law Committee of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations, and the Chair of the Foreigners’ Rights Committee of Saitama Bar Association. In this podcast, Makiko summarises the process for British and other expats to divorce in Japan through the Japanese courts, and the potential financial claims available on divorce.


Makiko Mizuuchi can be contacted at Mimoza International Law Office:

Firm Name: Mimoza International Law Office

Address: 303 Daini Masaki Building
2-4-5 Namiki, Kawaguchi City
Saitama Prefecture
Greater Tokyo Area 332-0034

Telephone: + 81 48 271-5085

Fax: + 81 48 271-5086




Click here to listen to the podcast:


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