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Expatriate Law

We are a specialist team of British lawyers, advising expats worldwide on divorce and family law matters. Contact us for confidential advice if:

  • You were born in England or Wales
  • Your spouse was born in England or Wales
  • You have property or other assets in England or Wales
  • You or your spouse live in England or Wales
  • You or your spouse did live in England, and either of you intend to return there

We appreciate that living as an expat, it can be difficult to know where to turn for accurate and trusted advice. Unfamiliar and conflicting laws make divorcing abroad a potential minefield. Our firm only advises expatriates and so on a daily basis we assist British clients residing in Dubai, Singapore, Qatar, Cyprus, Thailand and other expat hubs.

Why choose us?

  • International divorce is a complex area of law requiring specialist expertise.
  • Since all our cases are of an international nature, we keep abreast of changes to this ever developing field, ensuring our clients benefit from this knowledge and experience
  • Our lawyers are familiar with the practicalities of expat life such as visas, dependent’s passes, gratuity, and increased living costs
  • Our firm won 4 legal awards last year alone, recognising our expertise in international family law.
  • The overwhelming praise from our former and present clients says it all; read more here.

We advise on the full range of family law issues, for expats who are married or separated, same sex couples, those considering marriage and wanting to protect their wealth and those with children. Contact us for a free initial consultation via telephone, skype or in person.

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