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Our ethos

Expatriate Law is committed to resolve issues with families and individuals in a constructive way. We pride ourselves on our exceptional knowledge and experience in international family law, advising with the interest of the client at the heart of everything we do. Our approach has garnered recognition from prestigious bodies in the industry. More importantly, however, our clients’ praises give profound meaning and value to our work. We offer clarity, compassion and professionalism to guide clients through a stressful time and emerge with integrity.

None of our lawyers have billing targets; we simply do not work like other firms. This ensures our lawyers make ethical and morally correct decisions on the progress of your case, not decisions which drive up legal costs.

You will see that our reviews show that we provide unparalleled support, transparency, clarity, and professionalism for every client. We appreciate that this may the most emotionally challenging time of your life and offer care and guidance from beginning to end.

‘Expatriate Law are a very strong, talented and compassionate work force’ – client review 2022

4 by 4 photo grid of Expatriate law team, from top left across - Sara Lange, Oscar Smith, Ambar Bharwani, Jack Mitchell, next row Eliza Hebditch, Alexandra Tribe, David Hallam-Peel, Lauren Carmichael, next row Sophie Capo-Bianco, Byron James, Hero Lomas, Sonny Patel, next row Antonia Church, Naomi Grimwood, David Truex and Beatrice Ermolin.