Expat divorce in Thailand

British expat divorce in Thailand

British expatriates residing in Thailand, may in certain circumstances divorce there. They must be married to a Thai national, have their marriage registered in Thailand or have been living in Thailand for a lengthy period of time.

There is an uncontested divorce process in Thailand, which is largely administrative. It is inexpensive and fairly quick. However British expatriate must be aware that this divorce process is unlikely to be recognised as a valid divorce in England.

The alternative is to obtain a ‘contested’ divorce through the Thai court process. Although more time consuming and costly as a Thai lawyer is involved, if conducted correctly will result in a divorce that is recognised in England.

As a British expatriate considering divorce in Thailand, it is essential to seek advice from a specialist lawyer in Thailand before pursuing a Thai divorce. Please contact us for details of family law specialists in Thailand, or for assistance with divorce through the English courts.

Divorce in Thailand

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