British Divorce in Singapore

I can wholeheartedly recommend Sonny. He provided invaluable insight and guidance in terms of navigating my divorce. Based in Singapore, the whole international element was an additional minefield and Sonny helped clarify this significantly. More than anything, Sonny helped take the sting out of an emotionally charged situation and enable me to see this as a negotiation. He helped change my mindset and I’m certain the process was quicker and less traumatic as a result of his counsel.


Did you feel comfortable with your solicitor on a personal level? – Yes

Did your solicitor help you avoid having to take your case to court hearings? – Yes

Did your solicitor explain the grounds for divorce and discuss your best options and outcomes? – Yes

Was your solicitor’s fee structure explained to you on your initial consultation? – Yes

Did your solicitor provide you with an estimated timeline for your proceedings? – Yes