British expat divorce in Brazil

Sophie and David met in Brazil where they worked for the same company. Sophie was a British expat based in Brazil whereas David (who was French) came out to Brazil regularly for work but was based in London. They had a brief relationship which resulted in Sophie falling pregnant. When the relationship broke down shortly afterwards, we advised Sophie that she would be able to make a claim for financial support through the English Courts as soon as the baby was born.

David was a director of a listed company and had substantial income and assets. Sophie had decided to relocate to London following the birth to be closer to family and improve her job prospects.

Proceedings were issued in the English Courts under Schedule 1 of the Children Act 1989 and, once these were underway, an agreement was reached that David would buy a house in trust for Sophie and their daughter to live in. Sophie will be entitled to live there until their daughter is 18 or finishes full time education, whichever is later. David will pay monthly child maintenance and future school fees. Sophie’s legal fees were also paid by David.

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