Highly recommend!!

Expatriate Law was recommended to me. My case has not been easy due to the different jurisdictions and I was clueless what steps to take, but from the very first consultation with Oscar he gave me the direction I needed. Oscar and Antonia have been amazing. Always informing me on whats happening and what the next steps are, clearly explaining anything I dont understand and always replying to my emails within 24 hours.

I started this process feeling so scared and I still am but I’m so grateful that I have Oscar and Antonia helping me. I trust Oscar completely with whatever he advises me to do. He is straight to the point and has so much knowledge. Antonia has a heart of gold. The times Ive had to go to court she has been there with me throughout the whole process. Having her there helped massively, she would explain anything I didn’t understand. She has been so supportive and comforted me in the hardest of times which I will never forget.
My case is still ongoing but I feel so fortunate to have Oscar and Antonia and I would recommend these 2 100%. This is their job but I really feel that they care about what they do and about what is best for their clients.