Division of assets

Know your financial entitlement

Divorce and separation will most likely involve the division of matrimonial assets. Such assets could include properties, shares, bank accounts or simply furniture.

You may have concerns about how you will manage financially following your separation, and how you will meet the everyday outgoings for yourself or any children if you have not been the main earner in the family. Alternatively you may worry about protecting your assets and income from division during divorce, in particular assets carefully saved prior to a marriage, or inherited from family.

Our lawyers will give you advice on the current law relating to financial settlements in a coherent and understandable way. They will relate their advice to your particular circumstances, to enable you to consider the type of settlement that would suit you. They will encourage and assist you to reach an amicable agreement with your spouse, which can be formalised by way of a separation agreement or court order to ensure that you are protected from claims in the future.

In some circumstances, our lawyers would recommend an application to court, for example:

  • To obtain maintenance urgently from a spouse
  • To obtain disclosure of a spouses’ assets
  • To prevent the removal or sale of assets by one spouse
  • To obtain a financial settlement with the guidance of a court timetable

There are other protective measures that can be taken at the time of separation, for example the entry of a ‘Matrimonial Home Rights Notice’ at the Land Registry to protect an interest in a home owned by one spouse and not the other. Such safeguards and preventative steps would be discussed with you during an initial consultation (possible via Skype, telephone, video conferencing or in person).

Our lawyers will discuss your options with you from the outset, including the costs, timescale and likely outcome of any course of action. This will allow you to make an informed decision as to how you wish your case to progress.

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Divorce and Family Law

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