Do I need an International Divorce Lawyer?

Expatriate Law are a team of specialist international divorce lawyers who work exclusively with expats and multinational families. But is an international divorce lawyer appropriate for your case?

How We Can Help

We practice in all areas of family law, and this means that we can provide advice in the following areas:
Divorce: including advice on where to divorce, and on procedure in England and Wales;
Division of assets on divorce: including through court proceedings, and agreements reached between the parties;
– Protection of assets including freezing injunctions, and applications to overturn transfers of property or other assets.
– Children: including advice on where and with whom they should live, child maintenance, whether you can relocate with a child and child abduction;
Pre-nuptial agreements.

There are two main reasons that you may need a international divorce lawyer for help with the above:
– You are a British citizen living abroad;
– You live in England or Wales, but were born elsewhere or have assets elsewhere.

The advantage of instructing an international divorce lawyer, is that they have the required experience and connections. International family law is often complex. Mistakes made at an early stage for example on drafting or pleading jurisdiction can result in claims being limited or dismissed.

More information on divorcing whilst living abroad or as a foreign national in England and Wales can be found in this article: Divorce through the English courts.

Matters concerning children who live abroad are slightly more complicated, but more information can be found here, or you can contact one of our specialist family lawyers. In certain circumstances, it is possible for the English courts to make decisions about your children, even if you all live overseas. This is important if you are living in a country where the laws are practices are culturally very different from the approach in England. Our international divorce lawyers advise on child custody, child arrangements, child relocation and abduction.

You can contact us to speak with a senior international divorce solicitor today, without charge, for initial advice on your matter.

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