Byron James – The ultimate professional!!

After plenty of research into divorce lawyers in Dubai I came across Byron James and Expatriate Law. As an expat living in Dubai but divorcing through the U.K. Courts I needed a law firm who could offer me solid legal advice over both jurisdictions.

From our first initial meeting I had no doubt that Byron James was the lawyer that I needed on my side. Byron was always supportive, understanding and hugely knowledgeable in all aspects of my case. Our divorce was further complicated by lack of financial transparency however Byron offered sound, sensible advice eg. suggesting mediation to keep costs down.

Byron and his excellent team kept me constantly updated and informed. Byron is very approachable, he explained the process to me and guided me throughout the entire divorce. I really appreciated that Byron took time to listen to me and to hear my concerns. His approach was always well thought out and all of our ‘moves’ were considered.

I am so grateful to have had Byron by my side throughout this process.

If you are looking for expert legal advice and outstanding service I cannot recommend Byron and his team highly enough!