I found Alexandra highly professional, reliable and trustworthy. She maintained clear boundaries and was focused on the goal, clearly explaining the legal process of how it could be achieved. Enabling myself to make a fully informed decision on how to proceed. She trod a fine balance of empathetic, yet keeping a vision clearly on the outcome. She kept my head above water, when I was drowning with fear. She was clear, precise, motivated and a true advocate, when I was unable to do it for myself. Alexandra was always reasonable in her approach, fair, measured and non Judgemental. Which meant the world, when being bombarded relentlessly with negative, hurtful accusations and awful misguiding of truth in-front of a Judge. Alexandra never faltered nor was swayed from following the truth and rightful Justice of the situation. Alexandra held a holistic approach, was solution focused, direct and accountable for her actions. I would not have been able to go through, what I was subjected to in the court arena, if it had not been for her steadfast professionalism; stoic style of temperance, wisdom and courage in upholding Justice in the face of adversity.